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The company has the scope defined for its management system: The design, manufacture of molds and injection of thermoplastic parts.
Our quality policy provides the reference framework for the organization, in which the strategic lines are established, and the objectives defined, which are reviewed and updated annually.

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The company is committed to meeting customer, legal and regulatory requirements, as well as complying with the following standards: ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485 and its prior license of Sanitary Products facilities Nº 7594-PS for the manufacture of health products, and to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system (Quality, Hygiene, Medical devices and the Environment) and its processes. Through promoting the use of process focus and thinking based on risks and working in accordance with the facility and document requirements, which arise from compliance with the good practice guide for manufacture of plastic materials and objects in contact with food published by the Department of Health. Moreover, it is committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and continuous improvement.

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