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New Product
Female Skin, the only complete female skin in the market
The basic CPR training revolution

FEMALE SKIN is the only accessory in the market that converts your PRACTIMAN manikin into a complete female torso in the simplest and most cost-effective way. It is essential for your training sessions, so they become the most complete, accurate and realistic, using only one manikin!


A woman’s chance of survival when receiving bystander CPR may be up to 23% lower than that of men. This is mainly due to inherent fears such as inappropriate touching, harming the victim, lack of comfort when working close to the breasts, etc.

We cannot look away: We must work to find solutions. Trainers need to make their CPR manikins more realistic and accurate when training women CPR.

This is the reason behind Female Skin: a unique accessory that converts your PractiMan manikin into a complete female torso. It is a “must-have” product to train more accurately thanks to its resemblance to a real female torso.

Available in Light Skin and Dark Skin

1 PractiMan manikin + 1 Female Skin = Complete CPR Training (Adult male, Child, Adult female)

Female Skin is the only accessory on the market that allows female CPR training using the same manikin as for male CPR, without the need to purchase another manikin, thanks to its adaptability to all existing PractiMan manikins, allowing any PRACTIMAN to be converted into a female torso.

Female Skin is a “Made in Spain” product from PRACTIMAN: Basic CPR training manikins manufactured by Vicedo Martí in Ibi – SPAIN.

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